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The 5 Best Live Gaming Platforms

ByDave Stopher

Sep 1, 2021

So many different companies have made their own live gaming platforms, meaning whatever kind of game you like to play and watch, there is a live gaming platform for you. Live gaming platforms allow you to stream live gamers and create your own content. Below are five of the best live gaming platforms.


This is an up-and-coming gaming platform with around 100,000 viewers joining on a monthly basis. The design itself looks slick and there are a variety of gamers on Beam. Even the heaviest of video games stream very well on Beam and with the option to watch on Android and iOS, Beam has a lot to offer. If you want to start your own streaming channel, be sure to check out the best webcams for the job.


Everyone has heard of Twitch, and it has to be the most popular live gaming platform currently on the market. It can easily help you keep track of your figures too, with information about followers, views, and how many people are joining your live streams. That being said, despite it being easy to set up and a popular platform, it does come with its downsides. Twitch currently doesn’t offer any mobile streaming, which is a setback compared to some others on this list. Twitch can be used for free, which does mean it brings in a lot of viewers, but you will need to compete with the highest-ranking Twitch streamers.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube is constantly evolving and adding more and more for its viewers and gaming is no exception. If you use YouTube a lot already, you may have already found YouTube gaming. It supports 4k videos, with a streamlined service, making it easy to post and manage your own videos, as well as find new videos to watch yourself. This platform is still growing but with YouTube being such a popular way to watch videos, this live gaming platform will only continue to grow in popularity.

Gosu Gamers

For beginners just starting out in their live streaming, Gosu Gamers is a great place to begin. This is especially the case for younger streamers, as you can find games of all age ranges playing on Gosu. For those who enjoy eSports, Gosu Gamers offers a wide range of content on this too. The platform can support all the popular video file formats, making it great for video quality.


Another free live gaming platform, HitBox is much like Twitch, with a more subtle colour scheme. HitBox makes it easy to search for games and streamers, with the added option of searching for public, private, and adult-only videos. To stream on here, you will need a computer that offers high-performance and in-built capture cards. Although you will need a better computer, your streams will look amazing.

If you want to get into live streaming your games or find new places to watch your favourite streamers, these five live gaming platforms have everything you need and more.