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The Evolution of Newcastle United’s Top Scorers: A 24-Year Journey


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Newcastle United, a storied club with a rich history in English football, has witnessed numerous prolific goal scorers over the past two and a half decades. From the legendary Alan Shearer to the emerging talents of the modern era, the club’s top scorers each season highlight the changing dynamics and key players who have made their mark. Here, we delve into the top scorers for each of the last 24 seasons, celebrating their contributions and reflecting on the club’s journey through triumphs and challenges.

2023-24: Alexander Isak – 25 Goals

The most recent season saw Alexander Isak emerge as Newcastle’s leading goal scorer. The Swedish forward demonstrated his clinical finishing and versatility, contributing significantly to the team’s attacking prowess.

2022-23: Callum Wilson – 18 Goals

Callum Wilson continued his consistent performance from the previous season, netting 18 goals. His sharp instincts and physical presence were pivotal for Newcastle’s forward line.

2021-22: Callum Wilson – 8 Goals

Despite injuries, Wilson managed to top the scoring charts with 8 goals. His efforts were crucial in maintaining Newcastle’s competitive edge in a challenging season.

2020-21: Callum Wilson – 12 Goals

Wilson’s debut season with Newcastle was marked by his impressive tally of 12 goals, quickly establishing himself as a fan favorite with his relentless work rate and goal-scoring ability.

2019-20: Jonjo Shelvey – 6 Goals

In a season where goals were hard to come by, midfielder Jonjo Shelvey led the scoring with 6 goals. His long-range strikes and set-piece prowess provided vital contributions.

2018-19: Salomón Rondón – 11 Goals

On loan from West Bromwich Albion, Salomón Rondón made a significant impact, scoring 11 goals. His physicality and aerial ability made him a constant threat to defenses.

2017-18: Ayoze Pérez – 10 Goals

Ayoze Pérez’s creativity and flair saw him top the charts with 10 goals, playing a key role in Newcastle’s midfield and attack.

2016-17: Dwight Gayle – 23 Goals

Gayle’s phenomenal season in the Championship saw him score 23 goals, helping Newcastle secure promotion back to the Premier League.

2015-16: Georginio Wijnaldum – 11 Goals

Dutch midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum was Newcastle’s standout performer, scoring 11 goals in a season that ended in relegation.

2014-15: Papiss Cissé – 11 Goals

Papiss Cissé’s 11 goals were instrumental in Newcastle’s fight against relegation, showcasing his knack for scoring crucial goals.

2013-14: Loïc Rémy – 14 Goals

On loan from QPR, Loïc Rémy’s 14 goals provided a much-needed boost to Newcastle’s attacking options, helping them secure a mid-table finish.

2012-13: Papiss Cissé – 13 Goals

Cissé continued his goal-scoring form with 13 goals, becoming a key player in Newcastle’s European campaign.

2011-12: Demba Ba – 16 Goals

Demba Ba’s arrival saw him quickly become the top scorer with 16 goals, combining strength and finesse in his play.

2010-11: Kevin Nolan – 12 Goals

Midfielder Kevin Nolan led the scoring charts with 12 goals, his leadership and goal-scoring from midfield proving invaluable.

2009-10: Andy Carroll – 19 Goals

A young Andy Carroll’s 19 goals helped Newcastle secure promotion from the Championship, showcasing his potential as a future star.

2008-09: Michael Owen – 10 Goals

Veteran striker Michael Owen led with 10 goals in a tumultuous season that ended in relegation.

2007-08: Obafemi Martins – 9 Goals

Nigerian forward Obafemi Martins’ pace and power saw him top the scoring with 9 goals.

2006-07: Obafemi Martins – 11 Goals

Martins continued his form from the previous season, scoring 11 goals and remaining a key player for Newcastle.

2005-06: Alan Shearer – 10 Goals

In his final season, club legend Alan Shearer scored 10 goals, ending his illustrious career as Newcastle’s all-time top scorer.

2004-05: Alan Shearer – 7 Goals

Shearer’s penultimate season saw him net 7 goals, continuing to be a crucial figure for the team.

2003-04: Alan Shearer – 28 Goals

Shearer’s remarkable 28-goal season highlighted his enduring quality and leadership.

2002-03: Alan Shearer – 25 Goals

With 25 goals, Shearer once again demonstrated his unparalleled goal-scoring ability, guiding Newcastle to European qualification.

2001-02: Alan Shearer – 23 Goals

Shearer’s 23 goals were pivotal in Newcastle’s top-four finish, earning them a spot in the Champions League.

2000-01: Carl Cort, Alan Shearer – 7 Goals Each

In a season of shared spoils, Carl Cort and Alan Shearer both scored 7 goals, reflecting a transitional period for the club.


The past 24 years have seen Newcastle United’s top scorers range from iconic legends like Alan Shearer to promising new talents like Alexander Isak. Each player’s contributions have been vital in shaping the club’s fortunes, highlighting the importance of goal-scoring prowess in football’s ever-evolving landscape.

These goal scorers not only brought glory and memorable moments to St James’ Park but also embodied the fighting spirit and resilience of Newcastle United. As the club continues to grow and compete at higher levels, the legacy of these top scorers will always be remembered by the Toon Army.

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