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Top GCSE results welcome in new Head

Despite GCSE reform and a new grading structure being a concern for many nationally, students at Newcastle’s Royal Grammar School have matched their A Level peers in producing some truly excellent results. This year RGS students have continued to take the traditional A*-E exams rather than the new 9-1 grading system.

In a superb set of results, the RGS’s 141 GCSE candidates have once again performed at very high levels:

  • 56.6% of grades were at the top A*
  • 83.4% were at either A* or A
  • 98.7% were at A*-C
  • 67 students achieved all A* or A grades

o   31 students achieved at least 10 A* grades

o   16 students achieved all A* grades.

New Headmaster John Fern, who took over from Dr Bernard Trafford this week commented,

“These are superb results and are just reward for all of the hard work put in by students and teachers alike. They have also been achieved at a time when there are on-going changes to subjects, courses and marking systems so it is even more satisfying that such high standards have been maintained. These results have put the students in an excellent position as they move into the Sixth Form and begin their A Level studies.

Speaking of his arrival at the school, he said,

“To be joining such a successful and thriving school is a real privilege. I’m sure Dr Bernard Trafford will be as delighted as I am with these results, and I very much look forward to picking up where he has left off in maintaining the position of RGS as the leading independent school in the North East and amongst the very best in the country.”

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