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Urban pop duo, He Knows She Knows, to release new single AND debut album

Urban pop duo, Silvar and Sharna Laidlow, better known as He Knows She Knows, are to release both their new single, AND debut album, within a few days of each other.

Officially crashing onto the music scene courtesy of an appearance on the X Factor a few years back, HKSK have wowed stages up and down the country ever since, bringing their own, imitable style to the masses and creating a cult following.

First up will be the debut single, Like You’re Famous, on April 4, followed by four weeks late the long awaited, eagerly anticipated, debut album, The Past Was Tense, on April 6.

“The album itself has been a good while in the making whilst the accompanying single, it’s about escaping to your happy place,” began Silvar.

“So, being in your happy place, it’s a feeling that can’t be beaten, and, when you’re in there, lost in that bubble with someone, then you’re lost in that moment – the verses of the single are the story of our own lives.”

In sync with music the people know and love produced by the urban duo, the album is a certain contender for ‘Album of the Year,’ delivering style, class and bounce – a feel good factor (not X Factor, they’ve been there and done that one) delivered any time of the day or night.

A sixteen-track masterpiece, the album leads with the new single, Like You’re Famous, alongside that of Toxic, When We Were Young, and Runaway, an offering for pretty much anybody.

Following on from their debut EP, Light It Up, two years ago now, Silvar and Sharna have performed that of Northern Pride, and the Sunderland Air Show, as well as the SADS UK ball, and, late last year, headed to Japan, yes Japan, and the Kansai Music Conference.

Finishing 2019 it would see the pair also claim a National Entertainment Award for Best Band/Vocal Group, adding to previous UBeat Awards, their stock continually rising.

Speaking of the NEA and Japan, Sharna added: “It was all amazing, life-changing, and mind-blowing, I really could go on.

“In all honesty if someone had shown me my life know, back in 2015, I’d laugh them out the door. We feel in love with Japan and no doubt will be returning very soon.

“As for the album, it’s everything we’ve been through from being kids to now really; the good, the bad, the sad, the mad.

“It really is a good listen.

Meanwhile Silvar added that: “It is a solid piece of work that we’re really proud of and there’s lots of songs that people want to hear.

“We’ve just been building and learning each other’s respective ways and the reason is that the past was just that and we both tell separate stories and end up in the same place – but there’s something there that everyone can relate to, no matter what people like, and with a little bit of hot sauce on top.”

As for their favourites of the sixteen on offer, what would they say to tune into.

“I’m a big fan of this album but I have to say When We Were Young,” continued Silvar.

“It’s the one I listen to and smile about and has a nostalgic feel about it.”

The nostalgia obviously runs deep with the pair, especially with all they’ve been through, Sharna adding: “I’d say it’s a toss-up between When We Were Young and Can’t Take That From Me.

“I get those nostalgic feels when I listen to both of these songs.”

Like You’re Famous, the new single from He Knows She Knows, will be released to the masses on April 4, whilst the debut album, The Past Was Tense, a few days later on April 6; available across all platforms check their socials for continued updates.


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TWITTER https://twitter.com/HKSK_Music

WEBSITE https://www.hksk.co.uk/

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