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Watch Tinker Hatfield Discuss Nike’s Slow Running Innovation: the CruzrOne

Tinker Hatfield’s latest design, the Nike CruzrOne, is for athletes whose competitive mindset hasn’t changed even if their training goals and footwear preferences have. 

The idea was sparked October 16, 2018, when Tinker Hatfield and Phil Knight had a conversation that went something like this:

Tinker: “You’re looking strong. I heard you’ve been walking eight miles a day.”
Phil: “Not true. I do not walk eight miles a day.”
Tinker: “Oh, I’m sorry — I must have misheard.” 
Phil: “You must have. I don’t walk. I run! Just really, really slowly.”

This exchange inspired Hatfield to think about how athletes change over time: Still competitive, but channeling that spirit in new ways.

Hatfield looked at the running shoes Knight and others were wearing for their slower “runs” (or “cruises,” as Hatfield started calling them), and he noted that the foot moves differently at these slower speeds. Further, this athlete has different priorities in what he or she is looking for from their footwear. The CruzrOne responds to these unique preferences.

Here are a few of its key design details:

• Constructed from Nike React foam, the CruzrOne midsole features excellent cushioning and energy return.

• The shoe has a rounded heel that helps facilitate a smoother, more natural transition from heel to toe (the foot tends to strike heel first at slower speeds and requires more assistance to complete the heel-to-toe-off motion).

• A two-way stretch upper was designed for easy entry, and a shearling lining on the heel and tongue adds comfort.

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