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Why Regular Boiler Service in Epsom is Essential: Avoid These Costly Mistakes

ByDave Stopher

Apr 18, 2024

Your boiler becomes the most important member of your home during the winter months in Epsom. Your house and the pipes connected to it would be freezing without a well-functioning boiler, and you would be left miserable at best. That’s why doing an annual boiler service in Epsom on time is essential.

But sometimes, people don’t pay attention to their boiler maintenance until it breaks down and the repairs break the bank. A healthy boiler means a happy home. In this article, we will explore why a regular boiler service is essential in Epsom and discuss five costly mistakes that you might be making regarding your boiler.


Why is Regular Boiler Service Essential?


It’s essential to go for an annual boiler service Epsom, if you want your boiler to work smoothly during times of need. If you have a gas boiler, look for companies that provide gas boiler servicing Epsom. This helps detect potential issues early before they cause an emergency or replacement of the boiler. 

The issues like gas and water leaks, lost pressure, radiator faults, scaling, and thermostat problems can easily be solved with regular maintenance. It helps you save money in the long run. Also, your boiler warranty will be void if you don’t do the annual service.


Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Boiler Servicing


Here are five common mistakes that most boiler users like you make, which can burn a hole in your pocket in the long run. Make sure to avoid them at any cost and get your boiler serviced on time.


  1. Ignoring Warning Signs

When something is wrong with your boiler, it starts showing warning signs. Changes in water temperature, strange noises, yellow flames, and high energy bills are some of the typical signs you may notice. Ignoring these signs can lead to significant problems in the long run that would require more expenses.

It’s important to treat even minor issues with your boiler right away with the help of reliable boiler service companies in Epsom. Modern boilers have features like fault codes and warning lights to make things easy for you.


  1. Delaying the Repairs

We understand that boiler repairs can be costly. But keeping a boiler without repairs can lead to more expenses in future and even invite emergency boiler service Epsom. It reduces your boiler’s heating efficiency, consuming more energy than before to provide warmth, leading to increased energy bills.


The broken or worn-out parts have a cascading effect on your boiler as a whole. This can force the other good parts to work harder and wear out sooner. Delaying the repairs doesn’t no good and further increases the number of issues. If you’re on a budget, you can look for professional companies that also provide affordable boiler service Epsom.


  1. Neglecting Annual Servicing

Like any other machine, your boiler needs to be maintained and serviced from time to time if you want it to function efficiently for years to come. It not only keeps your boiler in good health but also reduces the number of repairs down the line. 


Some local boiler service Epsom companies keep the annual maintenance customers on a priority list. So, you will get premium treatment from them whenever you’re in trouble and need help. They will reach your place and address the issue before it becomes too cold inside.


  1. Forgetting the Boiler during Summer

While you don’t need a boiler during the summer months, it doesn’t mean you will forget about it altogether. Make sure to turn on your boiler once or twice a month to let it cycle. This will avoid the problematic strat-up during the onset of winter.

This is an easy-to-follow maintenance activity that you can perform yourself. If you notice any issues during this period, the engineers can resolve them quickly as they will be less busy than in the colder months.


  1. Choosing Cheap and Inexperienced Service Engineers

Hiring a qualified, experienced and certified boiler service Epsom company is very important when it comes to boiler servicing. Make sure that the engineers have the expertise and have worked with a variety of boilers. You may find it tempting to go for the cheapest service after knowing the boiler servicing quotes Epsom from different companies. 

But remember, the cheapest boiler service cost Epsom can sometimes indicate the quality of service you will receive. However, it depends from company to company. Some trusted boiler service Epsom do come at an affordable price. So, it’s advisable to do your research well before choosing any service.


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On a Final Note

You can easily avoid unnecessary troubles, save energy bills and maintain the safety of your loved ones if you pay attention to servicing of your boiler regularly. We highly recommend RyGroup if you need help with your boiler’s service and repairs. 


They are a leading company in their industry with nearly 17 years of experience and are known to offer the best boiler service in Epsom. They even provide 24-hour boiler repair Epsom, which makes them one of the most dependable companies during boiler emergencies. Get in touch with them to discuss your boiler issues.