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ByDave Stopher

Oct 13, 2018


There has never been this much focus on exercise and wellness in the office environment. Increasingly, organizations are investing in attracting and retaining talent, as well as employee performance. BakkerElkhuizen is well known for embracing these trends by developing ergonomic hardware and software solutions that support these aims. Their high-end solutions ensure employees are able to deliver sustained performance and the investment in quality makes them feel appreciated.

BakkerElkhuizen offers organisations a scientifically proven, practical aid with their latest WORK & MOVE employee well-being software. This software effectively coaches employees to engage in more mental and physical exercise, reducing sedentary postures. WORK & MOVE enables employees to get more done during the working day and to have more energy left at the end of the working day.

WORK & MOVE is a personal coach that ensures sufficient variation between concentrated computer work and mental and physical exercise. This software raises employee awareness of their computer behavior and provides feedback on ways to make improvements. Based on the personal needs of each individual the software guides them in their optimal work and movement rhythm. By building in periodic mental and physical exercise pit stops, employees remain more focused and energetic, make fewer mistakes and increase the quality and quantity of their work.

John van Hooft, CEO of BakkerElkhuizen: “Effective concentration is essential for doing work well but unfortunately no one can remain fully concentrated at work for 8 consecutive hours. We naturally fatigue and require mental and physical pit stops to re-energize and refocus. A conscious break of around 3 minutes every hour prevents concentration from slackening over the course of the day. The benefit: employees get more done, have more energy and deliver better quality work. WORK & MOVE creates awareness and helps your organization become and remain physically and mentally healthier.”

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