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7 Reasons Why Timber Remains The Perfect Material For Interior Doors


Mar 19, 2020 #life

Timber has been used consistently for door construction for thousands of years. From the initial ledged and braced boarded doors to the more traditional panelled doors, despite continuous invention in design and architectural materials, timbers remain a preferred choice. If you are looking for the best pallet supply company, visit us now.

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What Makes Timber The Best Material?

Wood substituted stone that was used initially for making architectural mouldings and doors. It has many features that makes it the perfect material for construction.

  1. Flexibility

Timber is bendable which makes it a perfect building material that can contract and expand with the seasons. Timber is capable of breathing in response to the fluctuations in humidity and temperature, accustoming naturally and relocating with its surroundings. This reduces the risk of fractures, water ingress, cracking and condensation.

  1. Strength

Timber has an above average strength to weight ratio which means hardwood timber doors Brisbane are adequately heavy to feel sizeable and to perform their primary function of being secure barriers. Besides being durable, they are lightweight enough to be hanged without structural support and are transportable by hand without much effort.

  1. Visually Appealing

The beauty of wood is unequalled. Once lacquered, oiled and stained, the natural rich tones, texture and grain permits these doors aesthetic appeal and character that can’t be matched.

  1. Sustainability

Wood is a biodegradable and renewable natural resource. During cultivation, trees absorb CO2 and toxic chemicals from their human and natural environments which helps in restoring clarity and balance to the atmosphere. They are excellent promotors for biodiversity, erosion prevention and improved soils. Trees can be replanted once harvested; therefore, no forest environments have to be harmed with the manufacturing of cultivated timber.

  1. Durability

Timber is a highly durable material and is innately structurally unwavering. It is durable, chemically steady and easily repairable. The permanency of a wooden door differs from one specie to the next and the environmental characteristics to which it is subjected.

  1. Firs Resistance

Wood possesses exceptional fire-resistant capabilities. Even though timber is a flammable material, it burns gradually. High-density wood will char on the exterior, which generates a cooler inner core that is fire resistant for a surprisingly elongated time. Not one door is completely fire-proof, however, a high-quality solid wooden door that has been fire rated an offer adequate protection to defer the spread of the flames for long enough to allow safety measures to be employed. Ocean fireproofing can definitely examine things to be studied and execute fireproofing to satisfaction.

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  1. Health Benefits

It has been found that spending time among trees can contribute to human health. Trees lowers cortisol and enhances the immune system to such a degree that the Japanese custom of Forest bathing, also called “shinrin-yoku”, is an official part of Japan’s preventative healthcare system. The trend is gaining popularity in the UK and the Western World as well. Australian and Japanese research studies have seemingly found that wooden buildings as well as exposure to wood panelling have an optimistic influence on lowering blood pressure and the heart rate of those individuals inhabiting them. When surrounded by timber and nature, stress responses are lowered.


If you were unsure about which material would be the best option for your home’s interior doors, then these seven reasons should convince you that wooden doors remain the preferred choice due to its many benefits.

By ozfetch