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Pure O2 

Oxygen is vital to our strength and vitality as it directly fuels 90% of all our body. We need oxygen to convert fuel (the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in our diet) into heat, energy, and life. Conditions that can reduce the body’s oxygen levels are air pollution, poorly ventilated living and working spaces, intense workouts, sports activities, demanding lifestyles, stress and alcohol consumption. Boost Oxygen is a natural solution to the negative effects of low oxygen levels such as low energy, a lack of concentration and exhaustion. A few deep breaths of Boost Oxygen will help you stay at your best.

Used by celebrities such as Kayne West and Khloe Kardashian it’s defiantly an A-Lister’s must have item. Not only loved by A-listers a large number of athletes are using Boost Oxygen as part of their regular training programme.

During times of strenuous physical activity, the body simply exhales more carbon dioxide than it admits in oxygen. The body’s response to maintain blood oxygen levels is to obviously breathe more heavily to increase oxygen intake. Anaerobic respiration can also occur. This is when the body starts to use internal sources for its oxygen, as it is not receiving enough from the outside air. Muscle fatigue and cramping occur when glycogen in oxygen-starved blood turns into lactic acid. Adding oxygen to the blood inhibits the production of lactic acid and helps the body clear out any lactic acid that is already present. Recovery is easier with supplemental oxygen. Supplemental oxygen allows the athlete to train harder, train longer and to recover faster.


Oxygen is also great for your skin with anti-aging benefits and helping skin renew.

Breathing increased oxygen has also been shown to improve cognitive performance. The brain is the largest consumer of oxygen out of all the organs in the body using over 20% of the oxygen the body takes in. By using pure oxygen you are helping your brain concentrate better.

Boost Oxygen is available in a range of flavours starting from £14.99 at BoostOxygen.Life